Adventure Times 2014

by Foxchildren

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Making demos through the year with Finn and Jake <3


released February 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Foxchildren Phoenix, Arizona

Hello hey hi(gh)ya foxy

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Track Name: I'm So Dysfunctional
I'm so dysfunctional
I'm so dysfunctional

I try so hard to let you in
I try so hard to be your friend
I try so hard to love myself

But I'm so dysfunctional
I'm so dysfunctional
I try so hard to let the light in

I'm so scared of changing
I'm so tired of changing
People come, people go
Their baggage stays, their baggage grows
Cause we are changing.
Track Name: We Will Go On
Peter Pan you lied
It's not what you like
It's just fairy tales

Like a secret life (living if you like)
Living day by day (living carefully)
Tell me what you need (I can give you it)
I can give you all!

I broke my heart just to figure out
That I was never up against the ground
I'll wash my soul beneath the bed
And now my heart is stone and the Earth is Red.

My heart stops, but I go on.
Take me, love.
We will go on.

We will go on.
Track Name: Mirror
You say you're lost inside a world I'll never find
You say you're broken but the mirror's doing time
You say you're ugly but you're not
And now you wish that you were blind

I'm living in the sea
But my heart's not opening
I will remember what you said to me.
Track Name: Your Bones
And I cry, and I die
Because my soul is free now

Your bones are my bones
Your skin dripping in water and all my fear

And you're caressing me so slow
That I forgot to grow...