The Money and The Honey

from by Foxchildren



I ain't got no time to be
I spend all my time thinking about money
And workin for the honey, oh the Honey

I ain't got no time to breathe
It's all on my card but my card doesn't have the money
Now isn't that kinda funny? No it's funny

That everybody just cannot see that
They're working so hard, but it's only for some money
Not love, or joy or honey, oh sweet Honey

So I'm gonna fulfill my dreams and wash all the night away
So it is sunny without all of the money
Just some Honey, baby

(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)

Do you believe that you are part of everything
And everything's a part of you?
What would you do?

Do you believe that Life is just a fleeting thing that's here
Right before our eyes, and then we die? Oh my!

Oh no, that's not at all what I see
That's all you see, baby
But that's just all the money talkin, money talkin


from drop it like beyonce, released June 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Foxchildren Phoenix, Arizona

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